The Street Diligence Platform

Street Diligence’s bank loan and high yield bond platform makes analyzing corporate structures and negotiating credit agreements, indentures and their amendments much more effective. Our system identifies structural subordination risk and breaks down key covenant terms, allowing the investment professional to digest and negotiate credits effectively. We provide unique visuals and mapping of complex corporate structures, including structural subordination, guarantor vs. non-guarantor inconsistencies and identification of the tightest covenant constraints. Most importantly, all of the data are verifiable and auditable to the source documents.

Street Diligence was founded in 2012 by former hedge fund PMs and analysts to identify and negotiate away off-market terms and take the frustration and tedium out of due diligence. Unlike existing resources that include opinionated research, Street Diligence distills the factual, underlying data and risks embedded in fixed income securities, enabling analysts to form their own opinions and negotiate better terms.

Leading institutions including hedge funds, asset managers and global investment banks rely on Street Diligence.

    • High Yield
    • Credit, Sales & Trading
    • Special Situations
    • Stressed & Distressed

    • Leveraged Finance
    • Direct Lending & BDCs
    • Restructuring
    • Capital Structure

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