An Intern Summer to Remember

Street Diligence

An Intern Summer to Remember

Street Diligence wrapped up another phenomenal summer intern program!

As we approach the end of another summer intern season, it seems like just yesterday when we first launched Street Diligence’s intern program back in 2013. It’s been our privilege to work with these very talented students each summer. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious, their contributions enormous!

Here’s what the summer interns of 17′ have to say…

  • Yash Bhargava, NYU, Credit Analyst Intern

“My summer internship at Street Diligence was without a doubt the best professional working experience of my career. The culture at Street Diligence is unparalleled in that there is always an energy around the office and you are always made to feel a part of the team. Every member of the team, including Stephen (the CEO), is easy to approach and eager to help you learn. Being part of such a close-knit environment also made me feel that I was actively contributing and that I was given meaningful responsibilities that were of essence to the company, not just trivial work. But, most importantly, my summer experience provided me with a deep understanding of credit analysis. All the Friday Street Talks and interactive training sessions were of immense value in teaching me core fundamentals relating to debt and covenant analysis, concepts that are outside the scope of classes at Stern. So, by being able to access this knowledge at such an early stage in my career, I strongly feel that I am now at an advantage relative to my peers at Stern in pursuing a career in Investment Banking. Overall, the summer program has truly helped me develop into a better professional and built a great foundation for me to launch my career in the financial world.”

  • Abhi Gupta, NYU, Credit Analyst Intern

“My internship at Street Diligence has been one of the best experiences of my life. The culture at the company is amazing, as everyone knows each other on a personal level, and the atmosphere is always very light but still very hardworking. Stephen Hazelton, the CEO of the company, is also one of the most helpful and approachable people I have ever met. Even though he has an entire company to run, he still takes the time out to get to know and help all the interns whenever this is needed, which is something I really enjoyed. Through the instruction of the product team, I was able to learn more than I could ever imagine about high yield bonds, bank loans, and private placement. This internship has set me up perfectly for a career in the investment banking world, and I am very grateful. I now have the skills to confidently talk about debt in future interviews, and I believe this valuable knowledge will help me greatly in the future. Street Diligence has a product that is used and respected by a number of bulge bracket banks and sell-side firms, and having this name on my resume is invaluable. This internship exceeded my expectations greatly, and I would not trade it for any other summer experience.”

  • Nathan Coen, NYU, Credit Analyst Intern

“My summer internship at Street Diligence has provided me with an incomparable financial training which includes a deep understanding of Fixed Income. Throughout the internship, I learned unique credit analysis skills and significantly developed my knowledge in Finance. Additionally, we had the chance to listen to a weekly Street Talk on Fridays where all the employees would gather for lunch and listen to either Stephen, the CEO of Street Diligence, or guest speakers talking about various topics.  The skills and knowledge I acquired will help me tremendously for a career in investment banking and put me well ahead of my peers at NYU Stern. Another amazing thing about Street Diligence is the people working here. Everyone is very friendly, and they all take the time to help me and also to get to know me. I developed strong relationships with numerous people there who are always willing to help and give advice. Street Diligence was very flexible with my summer activities and offered many opportunities to network outside the company. We had the chance to participate in a company poker tournament, watch the Mets play at Citifield, and participate in many other activities. I would strongly recommend the Street Diligence Summer Internship to everyone!”

  • Renin Avalamthadathil, Baruch College, Market Research Intern

“I was extremely fortunate enough to do a Summer Internship at Street Diligence, (SD) with the Sales team. As a Market Research Intern, I researched potential clients using various online tools and CRM systems. I reached out to prospects via email and telephone with the end goal of setting meetings and demos for my team.  The entrepreneurial culture at SD helped me bring out my full potential and make a direct impact. The Sales team mentored me from day one and made my tasks feasible to complete. My favorite part of the experience was lunch and learn Friday’s with the team. Everyone at SD is full of energy, smart and very humble people. The catered gourmet food was amazing, as well as the ‘Street Talk’ sessions, where guests came in to give talks on various different topics to broaden our knowledge. My favorite Street Talk was on ‘mindfulness’ with a professional coach, I found that really refreshing! Our CEO, Stephen Hazelton, takes the time to talk to the interns and get to know us and help us with our future goals. I was also given an opportunity to stay with Street Diligence. I have enjoyed my Summer here and looking forward to the Fall!”

What we look for in Interns

With each internship season, we look for students with a passion for entrepreneurship, who are scrappy problem solvers, and who are ignited by finance. While entrepreneurs are typically trying to get people to invest in their business ventures, interns are doing all they can to get people to invest in their careers. Our emphasis on a very high touch approach and our commitment to open, honest, and transparent interactions with our interns, has built an amazing intern community. We hold a sincere interest in each individual to ensure that their time with us was time well-spent.