Legal Platform

Street Diligence’s platform allows attorneys to quickly and easily draft better agreements, identify off-market terms and conditions and negotiate better deal terms on behalf of their clients.

  • Identify benchmarks and standard terms to arm yourself with negotiating intelligence on off-market terms
  • Compare covenant packages and run comps against industry or firm standards
  • Seamlessly browse through documents faster with simplified navigation and embedded hyperlinks
  • One-click access to specific language across multiple pieces of debt
  • Screen for market outliers and benchmark terms & conditions to industry standards or “what’s market”
  • View amendments in red-line form and gain instant access to source documents to verify accuracy


Corporate Structure Mapping

View a company’s ultimate parent, subsidiaries and guarantor relationships to identify structural subordination risk and guarantor vs. non-guarantor inconsistencies.

Covenant Analytics & Flags

Instantly access the tightest covenant constraint across the capital structure and corporate tree in one click. Spot areas of additional leakage, leverage and subordination risk using our proprietary flags.

Compare View

Effortlessly compare covenant packages among securities, across companies, or within an industry sector to spot market trends or overlooked anomalies

Amendment Redlining

Our composite view compiles a base credit agreement/indenture and all amendments into one, master document with redline tracking of all changes over time and through the document drafting process.

Enhanced View & Auditability

Navigate to a covenant, ratio, basket or carveout using our interactive menu, embedded hyperlinked definitions and section reference links. Verify each piece of data with one-click access to the exact provision in the source document using our audit bar.

Data Aggregation

Spot market trends and outliers. Our proprietary data aggregation tools allow you to access one-of-a-kind filtering functions, including search-by-provision and custom screening capabilities.


The Street Diligence platform covers public and private

high yield, stressed and distressed fixed income documentation, partnership agreements and other legal contracts.


Street Diligence will augment existing coverage upon client’s request.

    • Draft & Final Prospectuses
    • Term Sheets
    • Indentures
    • Foreign Issues

    • Credit Agreements
    • Convertible Bonds
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Legal Contracts