Street Diligence Launches Street Diligence 2.0

New York – January 9, 2017 – Street Diligence, the leading provider of fixed income data and analysis, announces a major update to its platform to empower both buy- and sell-side analysts in the credit space.


This significant release was developed based on extensive client conversations and user-testing, and the result is a significant leap in the platform’s functionality, analytics and usability.


“We have developed an interface that provides unique analytics and makes it easy to effectively digest a series of complex indentures, credit agreements and other deal documents,” says Derek Petillo, Director of Engineering.Screening across thousands of documents to identify off-market terms and loopholes is cost prohibitive and physically impossible. Our new platform has powerful filtering capabilities, allowing the analyst to search by provision and cut across thousands of deal documents.”


Street Diligence is the first company that transforms unstructured language buried in dense legal contracts into a complete and accurate set of structured data that can be easily compared and analyzed. “Our platform is widely used by prominent hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks and direct lenders,” says Stephen Hazelton, Founder and CEO. “The Street Diligence platform not only dramatically increases clients’ negotiating leverage, but it also facilitates speed and accuracy in the due diligence process through instant comparability and analytics,” he added.


About Street Diligence

Street Diligence was founded in 2012 by former hedge fund PMs and analysts to identify and negotiate away off-market terms, taking the frustration and tedium out of due diligence. Unlike existing resources that include opinionated covenant research, Street Diligence distils the factual, underlying data and risk metrics of each covenant, enabling analysts to form their own opinions and negotiate better terms.

The bank loan and high yield bond platform makes negotiating and analyzing credit agreements, indentures and their amendments much more effective. Coverage focuses on both private (direct lending and syndicated loans) and public markets (loans and corporates) in the U.S. The system breaks down key covenant terms and conditions, allowing the reader to digest them quickly and negotiate them more effectively.


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