Street Diligence Announces a Partnership with the University of British Columbia’s Portfolio Management Foundation

New York – April 11, 2016 – Street Diligence, the leading provider of fixed income data and analysis, has announced a partnership with the University of British Columbia’s Portfolio Management Foundation (“PMF”). The relationship is the first of its kind for Street Diligence and signals a growing demand from students seeking an edge in the fixed income marketplace.


The partnership provides students access to Street Diligence’s fixed income platform and covenant training to strengthen and improve their skill set. The system has transformed the method by which indentures and credit agreements are analyzed and consumed by breaking out the key components of covenant packages – restrictions, ratios, baskets, carve-outs, etc. – and overlaying a navigation structure.


We are excited to be partnering with UBC’s Portfolio Management Foundation and happy to provide PMF students with access to our analytics and a leg up in their summer internships and corporate recruiting process as they prepare for life after graduation,” says Chris Hontvet, Vice President, Sales.


“Offering students access to our Street Diligence platform will boost resources at the school dedicated to fixed income analysis and help the students better understand the complex nature of credit investing. Students will become more proficient in deep credit analysis, a key skill set for future buy- or sell-side jobs in fixed income,” he added.



The UBC Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF) is an $8M CAD endowment managed by 6-8 senior students, with another 6-8 junior students providing research support.  The PMF provides a select group of Bachelor of Commerce students with an experience that opens doors to a career in global capital markets.


About Street Diligence

Street Diligence’s bank loan and high yield bond platform makes negotiating and analyzing credit agreements, indentures and their amendments much more effective. Coverage focuses on revolvers, term loans and corporate bonds in North America, and its system breaks down key covenant terms and conditions, allowing the investment professional to digest and negotiate them more effectively.

Street Diligence was founded in 2012 by former hedge fund portfolio managers and analysts to identify and negotiate away off-market terms, in addition to taking the frustration and tedium out of due diligence. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Boston.


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