Street Diligence Announces Expansion into Investment Banking

New York– February 10, 2016 – Street Diligence, the leading provider of fixed income data and analysis, has expanded into investment banking with a sell-side focused offering. This expansion will complement and extend Street Diligence’s existing buy-side platform. Street Diligence provides next-generation technology to the global finance markets, enabling investment professionals to do their own analysis and service their clients more effectively.


“The modern world of finance requires fast, rigorous and accurate analysis. Our technology makes that possible for fixed income analysts who are faced with due diligence on a daily basis,” says Stephen Hazelton, Founder and CEO. “The time-consuming process of manually spreading covenants and running comps is insufficient in today’s competitive environment. This latest evolution of our platform empowers buy and sell-side investors to effortlessly address these sophisticated needs and negotiate better deals in the process.”


Analysts spend many wasted hours manually sourcing documents, entering fragmented data and correcting errors. Street Diligence’s high yield bond and bank loan analytics platform eliminates these risks and helps the investor or banker with insightful data and analytics. The system breaks out the key components of covenant packages – restrictions, ratios, baskets, carve-outs, etc. – and overlays a consistent navigation structure so one can quickly find a particular provision in a specific piece of debt, identify any variations or inconsistencies across a company’s capital structure and compare entire covenant packages to spot trends and outliers.


Our platform takes out the complexity of due diligence in credit analysis and helps clients focus on what’s important – judgment, analysis, a first-mover advantage and closing more deals,” Hazelton added.


About Street Diligence

Street Diligence’s bank loan and high yield bond platform makes negotiating and analyzing credit agreements, indentures and their amendments much more effective. Coverage focuses on revolvers, term loans and corporate bonds in the U.S., and the system breaks down key covenant terms and conditions, allowing the investment professional to digest and negotiate them more effectively.

Street Diligence was founded in 2012 by former hedge fund portfolio managers and analysts to identify and negotiate away off-market terms, in addition to taking the frustration and tedium out of due diligence. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Boston.


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