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This is the most helpful thing I've seen come across my desk. It's objective, not subjective.

Director & Credit Trading Desk Analyst, Bulge-Bracket Investment Bank

Street Diligence is the best contracts product I’ve ever seen in my career.

Senior Contracts Counsel, $5 Billion Government Contractor

`{`We`}` love the Enhanced View. One of my favorite features.... we can easily pull directly from the site for simplicity rather than hunting through filings, Bloomberg, etc.

Vice President, Leveraged Finance, Global Investment Bank

This is an unbelievable resource.

Analyst, Leveraged Finance, Global Investment Bank

What used to take me hours now takes me 10 minutes.

Vice President, $80 Billion Credit Focused Alternative Asset Manager

I have grown to become addicted to it.

Senior Analyst, $30 Billion Leveraged Credit & Special Situations Fund

I think '70% more efficient' is an understatement vs. sifting through all the documents individually when you're trying to get up to speed on a potential investment.

Co-Founder & Partner, Distressed Credit Hedge Fund

It is an interesting and very powerful platform. I haven't seen anything on the market that is nearly as complete as this.

Risk & Operations Vice President, Bulge Bracket Bank

We subscribe to `{`redacted`}`. This is MUCH better.

Analyst, $2 Billion Hedge Fund

This would have saved me 100s of hours over my career.

Vice President, $10 Billion Hedge Fund

I wish I had this when I was in leveraged finance.

Principal, $60 Billion Diversified Investment Fund

My efficiency increased by over 70%.

Analyst, Global Hedge Fund

Sometimes I'll ask the sell-side for anecdotal context; nobody has the breadth of info like this.

Analyst, $1 Billion Hedge Fund

This is going to save me hours, thank you!

Analyst, Distressed Credit Trading Desk, Global Investment Bank

We can now compare covenants across similar deals, capital structures, and the corporate tree; this was simply impossible to do before.

Credit Analyst, $8 Billion Hedge Fund

This is the first innovative product I've seen in the institutional FinTech space in the last five years. Nobody else is doing anything noteworthy.

Chief Technology Officer, $250 Billion Diversified Investment Firm

Law firms cost lots of money, and this output is much more user-friendly.

Director of Underwriting, Middle Market Direct Lender

I've seen a lot of products, and this is something that I will actually use all the time. I would use this every day.

Distressed Debt Desk Analyst, Global Investment Bank

This is %@#$^&* awesome!

Analyst, Distressed Credit Hedge Fund

This is, hands down, the best product we've seen.

Partner & Head of Distressed Debt Group, AmLaw 100 Law Firm

I reviewed `{`my associate's`}` work on that deal and it saved me at least 1/3 of the time I would have spent.

Partner, AmLaw 100 Law Firm

These guys are definitely addicted to your product.

Summer Analyst, $30 Billion Leveraged Credit & Special Situations Fund

One of my resolutions this year is ... to make people I work with think I'm smarter than I really am, and SD will be a good tool for that.

Capital Markets Associate, AmLaw 50 Law Firm

I found everything I needed on your review the covenants for the debt issue I'm doing my report on.

MBA Student, Class of 2016

'{'redacted'}' does a great job of spreading docs and identifying the holes, but we don’t have the ability to send them our private docs or benchmark ourselves vs. the market.”

Analyst, $11B Credit & Special Situations Hedge Fund

Street Diligence has helped with our workflow with timely responses and customized product offering.

Analyst, LevFin Desk, Global Investment Bank